For Businesses That Do It Digitally and Need Great Financial Information

Do your business finances give you sleepless nights?

Is your business generating the profits you hoped?

Are your accounts up to date?

Do you have the information you need to run your business properly?

Can you forecast your cash and profit on a week to week basis?

If your business finances are worrying you then you are in the right place


What makes Divided by Five different?

We aren’t your normal firm of accountants. Like you, we hate the 9 to 5, and we don’t like working from cubicles in a stuffy office block. So, unlike most accountants and bookkeepers, we totally get online business. We understand the way you work and the tools you work with. Actually, we use many of the same digital products you do to run our business. Thats why we love cloud accounting with Xero. Xero works anywhere and integrates with everything to create great automated business systems.

Which is best Quickbooks or Xero?

Here’s what the users say

Why Xero?

At Divided by Five we only recommend one accounting system. Yes, there are many others to choose from, but specialising in more than one means we couldn’t bring you the deep expertise that’s needed to bring you the service you need.

Xero gives us a cloud accounting solution that:

  • Is well established and is used by over 1 million businesses
  • Is at the leading edge, and is being actively developed
  • Isn’t USA centric and is fully able to deal with UK rules and regulations
  • Is very secure, so your financial and customer data is safer in the cloud than on your own laptop
  • Handles almost every aspect of your business including payroll, inventory, and fixed assets
  • Has a great reporting suite to provide the business insights you need
  • Is extendable with an ecosystem of applications that can increase its power and integrate with the rest of your business

Watch the video and find out more

Never tried Xero? A 30 day free trial is a great way to find out more

Lets take a look at Xero in some more detail

Do you need help with your book-keeping?

At Divided by Five we can

  • Set up Xero for you
  • Provide a service to keep your accounts up to date
  • Provide business coaching or a full virtual CFO service


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